Pencils and paper

Manage your CRO

Keep track of your CRO location, balance and interest

Keep track of location

Your CRO can be stored in many places, including the app, exchange, hot wallet (app) and cold wallets (hardware), also in multiple buckets ( Earn)

View your balances

See how much CRO you have in total and in each location. See the BTC and fiat values

Forecast your interest

You can have pots of CRO earning different levels of interest, with different start and end dates. Keep track of it all in one place to see how much you will accumulate over time and when you need to renew them

CRO (from provides amazing opportunity, with interest rates of up to 20% pa. But, it can be hard to keep track of where your CRO is stored, how much interest you’re getting and when your stakes are about to expire.

That’s where we can help.