About SelfCrypto

Learn about the person behind SelfCrypto and why the project started.

About SelfCrypto


Not actually a team – just me, Paul Richardson. I’m an SAP Technical Architect from Milton Keynes, England.

I’ve always had an interest in personal finance, including banking, credit cards, peer to peer lending, foreign money transfer, property investment and rental (via Airbnb), share dealing and digital currencies.

I’m also a geek who loves technology and creating websites.


My friends and colleagues know me as the guy who knows about buying, trading and investing in digital currencies, so I get a lot of questions about it. After lots of in-depth conversations and lots of e-mails, when I had a couple of weeks off in December 2018, I decided to do a ‘brain dump’ of my knowledge into this ‘beginners guide’ style website.

Get involved

I hope this website is useful for you and your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll try to answer them. I’m always adding content to this site in my free time, so you can steer which topics I prioritise.

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